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Dr. Barbara Young

Steve W. 
San Diego, Ca



Whether it's a cleaning, X-rays or crowns the staff make you feel like family. They are professional, friendly and really gentle with nervous clients. Thank you Dr. Young for caring for myself and my family!

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Rosie F. 
San Diego, CA


Erik S.
Lakeside, CA

Normally, going to the dentist is almost as bad as watching a Padres Baseball game. Its a necessary evil you need to do on a regular basis so you don't get the nickname "Gummy". That said, when you need to find a dentist, I highly recommend the office of Dr. Barbara Young. She is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring of her patients dental needs. Dr. Young works with her patients to caring of her patients dental needs. Dr. Young works with her patients to figure out the best course of treatment and works with insurance to keep the prices reasonable. I've been a patient of Dr. Young for over 20 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. 

Hands down the best dentist I've ever had. I've had many experiences with dentists in San Diego and by far, she is the best. Such a compassionate woman who truly cares about your oral health and smile. Easy to work with and super gentle. I went to a dentist in La Mesa, very well known, he completely messed up my teeth. Placed bonding over them and Dr. young had to remove it all to get to my actual teeth to fix all of his mistakes. Worst part was, he charged me over 10k to "fix" my teeth. Wow, I will only go to 

​Best dentist E V E R!!!!!!!!
I've been to 4 other dentists over the years. And Barbara is the best: she redid my fillings, and adjusted my bite, my other dentist didn't do that. My old fillings felt like big chunks of plastic on my teeth. Her's were smooth and and took the shape of the teeth. It actually helped my TMJ. Fitted me with a night guard that's a million times better than the other two I had.
My teeth have never felt this good. A++++

Justin W.
Lakeside, CA

The absolute BEST DENTIST EVER! Dr. Barbara and the rest of her staff are extremely professional, accommodating, fun & friendly & talented. But, most important, she is caring! I have never met a dentist like her. We've had a couple emergency situations and she treated us as if we where her family..... absolutely astounding! I hope you make the decision to have Dr. Barbara Young be your dentist....you will not regret it!

Joan D
San Diego, CA


We love Dr. Young and her staff-- we've been going to her for over fifteen years. The highest praise we can offer is referring her to our friends--and they love her too! Dr. Young takes her time to talk with you and explain your treatment options, to help you make the best health decision. She and her staff treat you like family, and always ask about what's going on in your life. No fear of dentists here! 

Judy B. 
San Diego, CA