Quality General Dentist in San Diego, California

General Dentist in San Diego, California

We Love Serving San Diego, California

Dr. Young, your general dentist in San Diego, and the entire team are laser-focused on serving their patients to the highest level. We love coming to the office every day because of the fantastic relationships we’ve created over the years.

Dr. Young is happy to provide service to the communities of Clairemont, Bay Ho, North Clairemont, La Jolla Alta, Morena, and La Jolla Mesa, California. Our mission at Barbara Young DDS is to exceed the expectations of every patient. 

Dental Services Provided By Barbara Young, DDS

Here at Barbara Young, DDS, we pride ourselves on being one of the most professional dental practices in San Diego, California. We provide a wide array of quality dental services that focus on preventing and solving oral health issues. 

Our approach to dentistry is from a whole-body health perspective, which means we aren’t just solving dental health but helping them become healthy overall. Some of the dental services that we provide are:

Your Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego?

​​Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on improving the overall aesthetics of your smile. If you find yourself uncomfortable smiling, then cosmetic dentistry is something you should consider. Here at Barbara Young, DDS, in San Diego, CA., we provide a wide array of cosmetic dental services, such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, and veneers.

What is an Endodontic Treatment?

Sometimes, a tooth’s pulp gets infected or inflamed due to deep decay from a chip or crack. Endodontic treatment solves this problem with the help of state-of-the-art equipment by removing the infected pulp, cleaning the inside of the tooth, disinfecting it, and filling and sealing the tooth. 

The procedure is better known as a root canal. Some people get dental anxiety from the idea of having endodontic treatment. Still, we assure you of our high quality and ultimate comfort standards for our patients. 

What are prosthodontics services?

Prosthodontics relates to dental procedures that involve repairing or replacing missing teeth with prosthetics. These procedures include flippers and removable partial dentures, complete dentures, and all types of dental implants and restorations. Click here to learn more.

Do you have a gappy smile from lost, injured, or decayed teeth? Worry no more. Your San Diego, California dental practice can help retrieve your natural smile. Give us a call to see if our prosthodontic services are good for you. 

What is General Dentistry?

A general dentist is a primary dental care provider. A general dentist’s main concern is the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay. The majority of dental procedures are diagnosing issues or preventing them.

At Barbara Young, DDS, we proudly provide quality general dentistry in San Diego, California. We commit to providing the best patient care and service. Our dental team is here to help every step of the way and create a unique patient experience for you. 

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Much like the word suggests, preventive dentistry refers to procedures that work to prevent oral health issues. Preventive dentistry focuses on keeping the teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems. It involves establishing habits that will keep your teeth healthy and help you avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. Read this to learn more.

Read this recent review from Haley Morris:

This was my first visit with Dr. Young and it went fantastic! I normally dread being in the dentist office, but Dr. Young was incredibly patient and very knowledgeable. She took the time to educate me on what she was doing and how to better care for my teeth. Her staff is very friendly and determined to get the insurance co-pays correct. I truly appreciate all the work they put into my visit! I will be returning to Dr. Young’s office anxiety free.

How Dr. Young Can Help

Dr. Young and the entire team at Barbara Young, DDS, consider every patient a member of our family. We look forward to speaking with you, listen to your concerns, and find simple and effective solutions for the best dental care in San Diego possible. 

If you’re interested in improving your oral health and hygiene and would like a consultation, please give us a call at (858) 273-7777 or contact us. If you live in San Diego or the surrounding area, we look forward to seeing you and hope to have you call us your dentist in San Diego.